Monday, November 30, 2009

Company Of Thieves - One Hour And Fifty Minutes Of Awesome

We are not quite ready to 'launch' the site yet, but could not help but post something about the amazing show, local Chicago favorite, Company Of Thieves put on Saturday night at Logan Square Auditorium.  Officially just a trio, the band was joined on stage by string and horn sections, a second percussionist, a keyboard player, and even two backup singers; the latter for an out-of-left-field sixties-inspired Philly soul song that left you wondering if there was anything the band could not pull off.  In addition to playing everything from their killer debut album, Ordinary Riches, they tossed in half a dozen new tracks and a jazzy cover of "Act Naturally", proving the band a natural to record a Bond theme song.

The six new tracks showed off the same diversity that makes their first album work so well, with even the cut they played for the first time as a full band sounding ready to record.  With "Oscar Wilde" just now finding an audience on the radio, it is unlikely to get a new album this year, but front woman Genevive Schatz confirmed the upcoming re-release of their early EP to give long-time fans something to chew on in the meantime.  The best news to come out of the show was that it was all being captured for an upcoming DVD release.  Having seen the band twice this year, the first an opening appearance at Double Door in March, they are more than ready for 'prime time', and are the best band to come out of Chicago in a very long time.  They were a must-see band at the time, but their time on the road has turned them into something even better.  Schatz is the first lady of indie rock, politely waiting for the rest of the world to notice her knock-you-on-your-ass voice.  When the songs allow, guitarist MarcWalloch shows himself to be a damn good axe man.  Songs explode off the stage with an infectious joy and enthusiasm.  It only takes a song or two live before you start scheduling your life around when they come to town.  We made the mistake of coming late and only catching the tail end of Annuals.  We do not recommend that you make the same error - the three songs we heard cemented them at the top of the list of bands to catch up on immediately. 

Our mission, should you choose to read the site or listen to our upcoming podcast, is to make sure you are kept abreast of great upcoming indie rock concerts in Chicago, so you do not miss out.