Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Chicago's Own Canasta Gives It Up For Free

If you can brave the cold and additional snow this weekend, local Chicago favorites, Canasta are playing two FREE hour-long sets at Simon's Tavern this Sunday (1/4). The first set is at 9, with another following at 10:30. Not only will you have more money in your pocket for the bar's solid beer offerings, but the band's email states they will be playing most of their newly titled next album, The Fakeout, The Tease And The Breather. If it is half as good as their debut, this freebie at a smallish bar will be a rarity soon enough - and you'd be one of the cool kids that saw them 'when'.

In site news, we are still working out the kinks and getting back into the groove after the holidays. Rest assured, there will be a podcast shortly (at least one in January) along with more regular site updates so you don't miss out on great bands like Cansta.

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