Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Upcoming Shows - Week ending December 6th

Until we get the podcast up and running, we'll try to keep you updated with at least weekly posts regarding upcoming shows you should have on your radar.  Two shows caught our attention this week, including one tonight. 

Tuesday, December 1st - Empty Bottle - All Creatures Of The Sea, Conductive Alliance, Winter Gloves - 9:30pm - $3 advance, $8 at door

Never heard the openers, but for $3, how can you resist the antsy electro-pop of Canada's Winter Gloves?  Their debut, About A Girl, is one of the best surprises of 2009.  Give the hazy synth a chance to win you over on the twitchy "Invisible". 

Saturday, December 5th - Beat Kitchen - Canasta, Sleep Out, Field Music - 9pm - $12

We learned of this one from Chicago's own Canasta, who serves up the opening sonic bliss.  Having discovered them at a dive bar opening for 2 AM Radio a few years ago, they are a constant reminder to never be late for a show.  For every horrible opening band that sends you packing to the bar to get out of earshot, there is a band like Canasta that you will be glad you stood around early for.  The little we've heard of Field Music sounds as if they are a good match for Canasta's killer brand of orchestral indie pop.  If you have not yet heard "Slow Down Chicago", stop reading now and go find it! 

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