Monday, March 15, 2010

Upcoming Shows - Week ending March 21st

Our recommendations are a bit all over the map this week, but sometimes a little variety is a good thing. We promise you cannot go wrong with any of these four shows.

Monday, March 15th – Abbey Pub – 9pm - $10
Headliner: Stand

Is there a better way to kick off St. Patrick's Day week than seeing a great Irish rock band at an Irish pub? These guys have somehow slipped by us until the recent release of their latest album, 100,000 Ways To Harvest Hope. Based on the strength of songs like the jangling, heartfelt "Love Will Never Creep In", we are not sure how that happened.

Wednesday, March 17th – Metro – 8pm - $17
Headliner: The Tossers
Openers: Scott Lucas & The Married Men, The Matics, The Bottle & Stone Battalion

Southside Celtic-punk outfit, The Tossers play their annual St. Patrick's Day show at Metro. Need we say more?

Thursday, March 18th – Lincoln Hall – 9pm - $14
Headliner: Company Of Thieves
Openers: John Henry & The Engine, Hollus

We Are pretty sure we have somehow mentioned Company Of Thieves, in one way or another, on every podcast we have done. One visit to see the band we call 'Chicago's Finest' and you will know why. The glistening guitar, the vocal power of Genevieve Schatz, and the jazzy undercurrent running through their catchy, soulful brand of rock will win you over. They are your new favorite band, you just don't know it yet.

Friday, March 19th – Lincoln Hall – 9pm - $10
Headliner: The Right Now
Openers: VertiKal, Weber Band

You are not going to get too many soul or r&b recommendations on this site, but this one is an exceptional exception. This Chicago-based soul band is a throwback to classic Motown and Philly soul, serving up a full-band experience you do not get often enough out of the genre anymore. Give a listen to the horn-blaring goodness of "Ain't Going Back" and just try to resist this show. We dare you.


  1. The Right Now is actually at Lincoln Hall on Friday, March 19, not March 18!


  3. Fixed! Sorry for the confusion!