Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mute Math - Armistice - Album Review

Though they run the gambit from the sparse electronica of The Postal Service ("Pins And Needles") to the jazzy funk of Jamiroqui ("Armistice"), Mute Math is essentially a rock-raised pop band. They spray to all fields on their sophomore effort, but their pop sensibilities and the soulful flair of the vocals are the binding agents for this satisfying sonic gumbo.

The band's affinity for infectious dance beats to drive hooks is reminiscent of Maroon 5, though with more of a rock edge on tracks like the steadily ticking mayhem of "Spotlight". They are at their best on "Backfire", where a ramshackle, thundering beat slams under the rich vocals delivering an irresistibly gooey hook as guitars creak and moan in the backdrop. The twitchy angst of "The Nerve" blares out of the speakers with a funk-laced shout-a-long, "Set it on fire", hook. Things really only fall short when they drop the tempo on lackluster ballads like piano-led "Lost Year". Most times they decide to tangle with the ivories, it is used as more of an accent, as on the wondrous buzzing symphony of "Clipping".

Seek - "Backfire", "The Nerve", "Electrify"

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