Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Paste Magazine's Songs For Haiti

Hey everyone! It's Nate from Chi-Town Notes. Today, I received an interesting e-mail from Paste Magazine about a pretty large MP3 catalog you can have access to for donating toward relief and support efforts in Haiti. I'm by no means telling anyone to donate. In the economic condition of the day, I completely understand if you don't and/or can't donate. I just figured, if you're a music junkie, this might be a great way to check out a ton of artists for a very minimal price. Artists like Andrew Bird, Carey Brothers, Ari Hest, Rural Alberta Advantage, Gomez, The Gaslight Anthem and others all have songs up for download. If you have already donated to the cause, do not fret. You don't need to donate again. According to Paste, you can have access to the catalog if you have previously donated elsewhere. Check out the info below for all the particulars. Cheers!

Paste Magazine says, "Today, Paste launched "Songs for Haiti" (

Like so many others, Paste has been moved by the tragedy facing the survivors of the Haitian earthquake.
Wondering how we could help, we remembered the website we built last year for the Save Paste Campaign. Thanks to your generosity, and that of over 150 artists who donated songs, we raised more than $250,000 to help our magazine survive its darkest hour.

But what we faced was nothing compared to what hundreds of thousands of people are experiencing right now in Haiti. The need is staggering, and help will be needed for months and years to come. To help raise money and keep awareness high, Paste and diverse artists—Ludacris, Of Montreal, Andrew Bird, Hanson, Umphrey's McGee, Switchfoot, Bruce Cockburn, Xiu Xiu, and over 200 others—are offering free MP3s (many previously unavailable) to everyone who donates to help Haiti.

You can donate through Paste or to a charity of your choice (just tell us), and you will have access to our Download Vault and 250 songs (and counting). We don’t think people should donate to the relief efforts in Haiti just to get a reward. But this gives Paste and artists a way to help, using the thing we’re most passionate about—music.

If you've already donated elsewhere, we hope you'll tell us and take advantage of the free songs. We want to make a strong statement of concern and show the generosity of our readers and the music community in general. We also hope you'll continue giving as you are able.

You can donate (or tell us about donations you made elsewhere) at: You'll also find resources (banner ads, Twitter &Facebook icons, etc.) to help spread the word.

100% of money contributed through “Songs for Haiti” will be spread among three charities active in Haiti:
Doctors Without Borders, Red Cross, and Wyclef Jean’sYele Haiti Earthquake Fund. (Note that donations submitted directly to “Songs for Haiti” are not tax deductible, since Paste is not a charitable organization.)

For more details, including the full list of artists participating, see:"

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