Monday, January 11, 2010

Upcoming Shows - Week ending January 17th

There is plenty to check out this week, with 2010's installment of Tomorrow Never Knows blowing through Schubas and Lincon Hall this week. Honestly, there may not be a better concertgoing deal until the Lollapalooza pre-sale than Tomorrow Never Knows' uber-cheap $75 pass for the five-day event. Here are the two shows from the series that we like best.

Wednesday, January 13th - Lincoln Hall - The Dead Trees, Adam Green, The Cribs - 9 pm - $15

Having caught The Cribs at Lollapalooza, when they were supporting Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever, we know are already a sure-bet to kick your ass live. With the addition of Johnny Marr to the band, there is no telling how much better they will sound - but the leap in quality from a good band to a great one is apparent on their most recent album, Ignore The Ignorant. This is easily the best show of the Tomorrow Never Knows set, and it is a crime that there are still tickets available. Take advantage!

Saturday, January 16th - Lincoln Hall - Julie Dorion, The Rural Alberta Advantage, Bowerbirds - 10pm - $15

Having somehow missed out on the previous times Canada's The Rural Alberta Advantage have made it through the Windy City, it seems like the perfect time to give the band a chance live. Their debut, Hometowns, was one of our favorite debuts of 2009; with a quaint folk-pop sound that feels like it could have been recorded in your living room. Despite some softer moments, like lovely love song "The Air", the ramshackle production is carefully disguising just how hard jittery tunes like "The Dethbridge In Lethbridge" rock. From the sounds of it, they are a great fit to open for Bowerbirds, but we are here to sing the praises of The RAA. Best yet, the album hit Canada in 2008, so you have to guess they have written some new tracks to show off.

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